About us

Often falling into this section people expect to see a large text describing why we are heroes, how much we work and how much has been done for humanity, but no!

Undoubtedly, we are an excellent team not only because we create unique projects together and develop them, but also because we really can not work without each other. Imagine a keyboard without an Enter button or with the absence of a letter A. Imagined? So the keyboard is our team and the lack of any member of this team makes it inferior!

Together we have created more than 100 projects, a part of which you can see in our portfolio. By the way, we began to collect this "keyboard" in the distant 2003. We made designs, logos, brandbooks and banners. We created internal reporting and document management systems, electronic exchanges along with CRM-systems, portals and websites. And in all our projects we invest all our knowledge.

We like to create high-quality online stores, selling websites, websites and portfolios. We implement large projects like http://totul.md, https://www.rultehcom.com and small ones like http://www.dpp.md.

Socially responsible!

We develop and support projects for charity purposes free of charge: http://www.nashideti.md, http://www.indiafestival.md.


Websites created by WEBIT differ not only by design but also by internal functionality. All our sites are:

  • Initially optimized for search promotion, based on recommendations provided by our SEO specialists in Moldova
  • Organized for literate indexing by search engines
  • Developed by specialists from all departments: from technical to advertising!

Be confident, your site is thought through to the smallest detail!

Our goal is your prosperity!

We do what we love, which means that with our experience we do it well!

Contact us, and you will receive all the necessary consultations on the topics that interest you!

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