SEO promotion

SEO promotion

Allows you to increase the visibility of the site in search results, thereby increasing its traffic and conversion

SEO website promotion and search engine optimization is now the main internet marketing tool. This range of services can attract the most loyal consumers to your site, resulting in a large number of conversions (purchases, registrations, etc.).

We offer the following SEO optimization services.

Internal optimization:

  • Preparation of the semantic kernel and global site analysis
  • Selecting relevant pages for internal optimization
  • Identify and close duplicate pages on your site
  • Distribution of keys in Meta, the title and the content of the page
  • Writing and optimizing content for relevant pages on your site
  • Identify and close errors on the site
  • Check site content for uniqueness
  • Linking internal sites
  • Adjust and set "bread crumbs" on SEO optimization rules
  • Implementation of microdata
  • Check the upload speed of the site and modify it
  • Review and analysis of the mobile site
  • Check the sitemap.xml file, robots.txt, etc.

External optimization:

  • Registering Google and Yandex accounts to connect site analytics modules
  • Create a Google Business Page
  • Sign up for Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and other social networks
  • Registration in different directories, forums and other on-line resources as well as intersection of links.

We will also analyze user behavior on your site, and we will consider designing future SEO strategies.

At the end of the basic work, we offer maintaining the site, which aims to preserve and promote the resources described above and other methods.

Thanks to the professional work of our specialists, you will get a site that is easy to find on the most popular search engines in the scope of your business. The site is really useful for users who will come back and recommend to friends. We do SEO optimization for our customers for ourselves, because their success is our best review!


Our works

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