Website development


Website development


Creating websites in Moldova is a perfect opportunity to develop your company and increase sales. A good website promotes services and products day and night. This enhances the efficiency of small, large business and individual entrepreneurs.

Trust our experience (over 10 years) in the online environment are more willing to buy a product or service offered by your company than you imagine. The creation of websites in Moldova is not a simple investment decision, it is a decision that will decide the fate of the site's effectiveness. In our company we create quality websites designed to develop your business or the purpose for which you create it.

The need to create a website in Chisinau is constantly increasing due to the growth of the market and the growing competition. The online environment is gaining more and more popularity, so we offer services not only in creating sites but also promoting them.

Our website development services:

Online shop

The internet store will help to convince new customers about the benefits of making a purchase from you.

A site requires to have:

  • Attractive and appropriate design
  • With clear interface and structure
  • With useful content on each page

It will also inform your customers about new products, promotions and discounts. WebIT offers services to create an online store in Chisinau and Moldova. More than 13 years of experience in creating sites and a responsible approach to enabling the development of high-quality information technology products, which is a positive response to our clients' hearts. Once we have set the target audience, we will choose the style and idea. We can create an attractive site that will turn visitors into buyers..


Site "business card"

Create a business card personal website - it's probably the best way to inform prospective customers about the range of products offered.

A well thought-out site and a lightweight design will allow visitors to appreciate and find the information much faster. The high quality design and functionality of the site will ensure the successful development of your business.


Landing Page

A good landing page - is a modern marketing tool to increase sales of products or services, expand customer base, promote new products on the market. The success of the landing page in Moldova depends on the quality of site design and content targeting a particular target audience.

This page is created so the client is not distracted by other links or information, he has to make the choice to buy or leave the page, which greatly increases the conversion. On this page there are always unique sales offers, such as free shipping or special price for the proposed product, which causes the customer to make a decision several times faster. The benefits of creating such a page will not be long awaited. By creating this page, promoting the product or service will not only achieve excellent results, but will also increase brand recognition.

Therefore, when creating a landing page, we are guided by the strict rules of site design and content that will not only be liked by the customers but also will successfully sell, promote, collect contact information, etc.

Creating a landing page in Chisinau and Moldova - that's what we like and know how to do.


Corporate website

The corporate site is a large online resource with unlimited number of pages and section levels. Creating such a site involves the transfer of corporate style and company design.

A quality website creates a positive image of the company on the Internet, so at WebIT we are very attentive at all stages of creating a site for the end product to become full-fledged representative of the network and generating a profit as soon as possible.


Web application

To all customers who ordered the development of sites, our company offers a wide range of additional functionality. With it, you will help make your site more informative and useful for your customers.

We can add to your site:

  • Calculators of any sizes
  • Animation
  • Cards and Weather
  • Social add-ons
  • Connecting Analytical Systems
  • Communication on the site
  • Displaying news
  • Multimedia
  • Calendars and Events
  • Other additions

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